I told him I love him, he didn't said "I love you" back. He just gave me a kiss on a forehead, a passionate kiss, and a tight hug. What does it mean?

I've been to an "exclusively dating" kind of relationship with this guy for 5 months but we haven't called each other boyfriend/girlfriend yet. Haven't met any of his friends and relatives and he met mine already. We have different religion and his religion forbid them to date or have a relationship outside their faith. We meet every Sundays or one weekday to watch movie, dine in or do intimate moment (at least once or 2x a month) together. He said "luvu" through fb chat during the 3rd month of our dating and I didn't reply. And after a month I left an "I love you" in his fb chat and didn't get a reply.

We went out yesterday to celebrate my son's birthday. We checked in to a hotel and spent our night there. We had a bottle of tequila and I feel a little drunk after. I asked him to give me a massage after and he gave me one. After that I was laying on our bed and I cuddled him, said thank you and I love you and my most low voice. He didn't reply but he kissed my forehead immediately like 3x and he kissed me on my cheek, and we shared a passionate kiss. After that he was like asking for a sex but I told him I have my period and he said he doesn't care. We did it in the jacuzzi and he was gentle and I felt it was a passionate one. After that to my surprise he assisted me to wear the bathrobe and wear my clothes. After that we lay again in our bed and told him again "I love you". He kissed me again on my forehead and soft kisses on my lips. Then he grabbed my hand and put it on his chest.

Then a while ago we watched a movie. To my surprise he is putting his arms around my shoulders which he don't usually do.

I want to know why isn't he replying verbally. Does it mean he doesn't love me back or he is expressing himself through actions. What does his actions mean?


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  • I'd say he's more or less expressing himself through his actions. It's not very often a guy tells a girl "I love you" unless it's the deep, intoxicating kind of love in which case he feels an unhealthy urge to pour his heart out; But yes, I thinks he loves you.


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  • I think it is coming, but the relationship has too many barriers for him to openly and comfortably say it. The schedule you see each other on is hard, sneaking around is a turn off, the religious back ground is a barrier as well. How does he get along with your son?

    • My son loves him. And he is very patient and attentive to my son even my son has adhd. So far they have a good relationship.

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    • Kind of, yes, Guys instinctively like to be tough and macho, and sometimes expressing emotional feelings can feel like weakness or "unmanly" I guess.

    • We are not really sneaking out. We have decided to have our time together during Sundays. And the time we can meet on weekdays is very rare, like if one of us cannot commit his Sunday, that's the time we'll set a date on Weekday. Like we have to meet at least once a week (he said to prevent us from falling apart or get cold with each other like what happened to his past relationships) and I on the other hand agreed to what he said.

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  • I think his actions speak louder than words in this situation. He was gentle and loving and you felt it. Most guys don't say "I love you" unless he really feels it, like Roycaryn said. But all his actions in my opinion shows his true feelings, that he does lobe you.

    • *love. Typing on my phone is the worst haha

    • I am having the same dilemma with my phone don't you worry. Haha

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