What does this mean exactly-let's date for a little bit and see where things go?

Ok so I've been seeing this guy for a month or so now. We see each other once or twice a week cause of work rota's etc so it's not as simple to plan. The first date he opened up to me after a few drinks and told me he'd been in two long term relationships and both his ex's cheated on him and he was drinking to get over this for a while. He really likes me and I really him I asked him are we dating or are we official just so I know where I stand which is fair enough in my opinion and he said 'I don't know can we stay dating for a little bit and see where things go... Do you think he doesn't want to jump straight into a relationship because of his past ones or is it something else I really don't understand what he means?


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  • Yah, I think he is slightly damaged from the pain from this last two relationships and will need some time to heal. I think he wants to stay in a sort of limbo state that he can walk away at any time if he needs to, or if you walk away he doesn't feel as hurt.

    • Also we are close physically but he hasn't tried anything on me. Do you think I should still continue seeing him and see where things go as he said or should I just move on?

    • If I was in your shoes it would depend on who this was and what they meant to me. If this was someone I knew rather well and had feelings for for a while and I knew they are a great person I would wait as long as it took. BUT, if this is someone I just met, this would be a red flag to me. I would not want to be the person that has to "repair" his damage and have to wait around for god knows how long. I would not want to be involve with someone who has issues or drama. In those cases I would just move on.

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