What's with people saying their GF/BF are "disappearing" on them?

what's with people saying their GF/BF are "disappearing" on them?

they do realize just because you are going out with someone doesn't mean they will give up their personal or work life completely just for you.


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  • My guess is that they were used to spending a lot of time with their SO. Once you are used to having things one way and it suddenly changes... makes you wonder wth happened.

    • I see. It may make the other person feel smothered and try to either be by their selves or spend time away from their partner.

    • No doubt about it. You need time on your own or with your friends without your partner, otherwise small things your partner says or does may start to annoy you.
      As for me, I firmly believe in the saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". Spending time apart whenever necessary has proved to be quite beneficial to my relationship.

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  • When you've been dating long term, you're entitled to know what your partner is up to.

    • so you have to account for every second you are not with "your partner"? that seems kinda controlling and dear I say a good reason to break up with her.

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