Ever ask someone out and feel like a complete tool? some people just react strangely... why they can't just say yes or no big deal?

What's the most embarrassing response you got from a person you asked out?

I didn't ask in a weird way. just asked a question.

they were just being kind of Melo dramatic... Guess a dodged a bullet on that one:p


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  • When they say no, you always end up feeling like a complete tool. To be honest I guess Im lucky as I've only ever had the straight no answer. Slightly embarrassing when they say they are engaged and then you notice the ring and think 'oh crap, why didn't I look for a ring'


What Girls Said 1

  • When I was bigger back in high school, I remember telling a guy that I liked him and I was basically asking him out. He laughed and said that if I lost weight, I'd be perfect, but since I was big, there's no way because it grossed him out. I didn't really like him anymore after that, haha! I felt it was unnecessarily cruel, could've just said no thanks.
    Another guy I once told said no in a way that was pretty weird... he seemed to like my friend, which I didn't know at the time, so when I told him I liked him, he said that if my friend didn't exist, he may have been interested, but since she did exist, he'd never be able to date anyone else. I remember thinking, "A simple no would've sufficed, man." Hahaha!

    • lol wow #1 was a complete really bad four letter word.=/

      maybe some people can't take no for an answer so they think that everyone else is delusional as well, therefore they must lay it on super thick. way beyond unnecessary.

      #2 again. whats wrong with people just freaking say NO. even shout it but just one word is perfectly sufficient.

      this guy got mad and stormed off... maybe he was having a bad day but now i am :) it really put a damper on my day. well that was like 7 hours ago. im caring less atm. but its lame. you know its pretty bad when a 'no' is a good thing -)

      thanks for sharing lol

    • Thank you :-)

      Stormed off? What a tool... I don't get it either. You don't even have to explain, just say no!

    • I guess its funny now to see how self obsessed some people are, but that's exactly the kind of thing that puts shyer people off from taking the risk and knocking their confidence. The guy that got mad and stormed off must have been a real stunner as he is obviously fed up with constant propositions. lucky guy.

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