How do I handle a guy standing me up? Do I make other plans or be mad?

We seemed to both really like each other. On our last date (a couple days ago) I asked what time I can expect him to pick me up Saturday (today) since we had been talking about spending the day together and going to a car show at night. He told me be ready by 10.

I specifically told him that I'll make sure I'm a "good girl" and don't party the night before (what I normally do) and that I'd be looking pretty for him (we joke around like this, I'm almost 23, he's 20).

Then yesterday I was hanging out with a girlfriend so I couldn't text him back as much and when I got home around 9, I sent him a snap chat letting him know I'm home, in bed. He responded at 10 and it looked like he was in bed, tired too. I sent one back, but he never opened it, and was inactive on Facebook since around that time last night.

Now it's almost 10:30 and he's late!
I don't know what to do? Should I text him or not? I was thinking I could say something like "Trevvv are you ok? I thought we had plans :o" Or should I just stay home and not do anything? Or should I make other plans. I don't know :((


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  • Well, it has been around thirty minutes since you posted it. I personally think even ten minutes late should require some explanation. (Of course, I am pretty on top of things schedule wise.) He should have contacted you if he was going to be late, I would think that by now you are justified in assuming he isn't coming, and going off to do something else.

    He should contact you.


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  • You should make other plans and maybe give him another chance but he better have a damn good excuse that he can back up.

  • Hopefully he has a good explanation.


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