Why's it so hard to find someone I like that's my age?

All the guys I find are older. I guess one or two years older is okay but like a lll the guys I like just happen to be in their early to mid twenties. I'm only 18 but I can't seem to find someone my own age. I kinda want a guy closer to my age but have no idea how to go about finding one


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  • Don't be looking for them, just get to know the ones that you find interesting and if they happen to be your age, great. If they are a bit older, what's the matter?


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  • When I was your age I was a freshman in college - most of the girls who interested me who were of my own class still had boyfriends from home right on the onset; all whom I've stayed in touch with have since moved on to other relationships, but stayed with their old ones for at least a year. It may be a similar case with guys, especially those that balance attractiveness with apparent stability for a relationship. Most relationships between people of the same age that I recall developing in university took place in sophomore year or later.

    I'd advise you as to where to find men of similar age and of the sub-culture you'd prefer, but I don't know your environment. Could you specify your environment and the locations you've already been tapping for partners?


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