Are girls who pretend to be nice but keep their distance unstable?

e. g. These situations happened to me, where I did nothing wrong, and was easy going but not overly friendly.
1. Girl at work always says hi to me, laughs at what I say, gives me tips on travel. I told her I'm working elsewhere from next week but may come back some time, and asked her to add herself to my fb. She did. Once I left town, she deleted me immediately!
2. Girl at work used to come to where ever I am, lean in, and be really smiley and nice. I asked her if she was free to hang out on Thursday. She was like "definitely, we should do that". Took down her number. Towards the end of the day, she started the "busy" act. When we got home, I sent her one text to find out if she was still keen on hanging out. No reply. Thursday went by. Saw her at work again on Friday - again pulling the close-up flirty personality. This time, I didn't play along, and just said "i have to get back to work" and cut her off. I didn't give her much attention through the day, and I think she got the message, but kept on looking at me from a distance.
3. Girl who is my friends sister-in-law added me on FB and messaged me. I hadn't met her before. We talked, went on a date. We smiled and laughed alot, and said "we'll catch up again", hugged and said good bye. Texted her after that, then she'd reply with a delay and very abruptly. Never initiated. A week later, deleted me.

I just say to myself, "oh well, I didn't do anything wrong, that's their problem". Then again, I'd like to get your opinions.. does it seem like the problem might be with me?

Note: All 3 girls are different and don't know each other


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  • i don't know about the others but girl 2 seems like a flirt whos attention hungry. i know a girl like that she's the girl that flirts easily with men they chase her and she responds gives her number says yes to hang out, cause she likes feeling good about herself that u fancy her, but otherwise she doesn't give a shit about u. i know a girl exactly like her right now and she's a bitch! stay away she's toxic. the sad part is guys keep chasing her cause they want what they can't have but she has deep issues that she needs constant ego feed and to be told she's pretty, she's overconfident and cocky.

    the other girls didn't really sound like u both had much of a connection like may be u hadn't even got to know each other yet and they didn't wanna go the full mile. or they had soemone else in mind or they would never see u again so they didn't bother.

    u need to find a nice girl in shopping stores, at restaurants, museums, parks, even in retail jobs, girls are more real and genuine there.


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  • I think the original girl at work maybe had issues back at home or personal relationships or she may just be a really bipolar person. Or she could already be in a relationship. There's many complications that could be in this problem. I'm not sure if unstable is the word though. And I have a feeling her friend maybe was told not to talk to you? Or I'm just looking at it completely wrong. But again, just a guess (no way would I be able to get a definite answer. Good luck.

  • Well, I feel like it's the girls, with the exception of the one who could have just been genuinely busy. One of two things could've happened in my eyes, they probably met someone else, and didn't know how to tell you that and just thought you'd get it if they stopped talked to you. It's either that or they realized they weren't as into you as they thought they were and didn't want to give you the idea that they were. They weren't unstable but just probably didn't know how to deal with the situation

  • they r not into u snd they r trying to be nice and it sounds like u were obviously throwing hints that they didn't want


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