Overweight Women: What's Dating Like For You?

I've gained a lot of weight throughout the past year due to grief and stress eating. Someone very close to me passed and unfortunately I turned to food to deal with stress and now I'm quite overweight.

I've been thinking about getting back into the dating field but I'm a little nervous. I know being fat automatically makes it harder to find men, but exactly how difficult?

(Yes, I am actively trying to get in shape. I go jogging every morning before class and keep a food journal).


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  • In my experience guys love thick girls. It's more about your personality and confidence. I'm 200 lbs and have no problem getting what I want. I recently got divorced and have had no problem in that department. I'm with a really hot guy now that thinks my body is perfect and guys hit on me all the time. Just try flirting with some guys and see how it goes. Never be ashamed of your body and talk poorly about yourself in front of guys they hate it! Act like your shit is the best! And don't be afraid to get butt naked lol if a guy wants to sleep with you he wants to see every inch of you! Only guys with small penis has problems with thick girls. If the guy is blessed down stairs they will love a thick girl because it feels a lot better.

    • Wow, can I have some of your confidence please? Yeah, sometimes I think that it's my low self esteem holding me back from guys most of the time. Any time I see a cute guy I just automatically assume he'll think I'm disgusting.

    • Omg I love what you said and is true lol

    • I heard that guy are into that! lol

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  • A good tip for you is to separate your fitness goals from your dating girls. A lot of people think that they're losing weight and getting healthier to find someone.

    Make being healthier your own personal goal, it has nothing with attracting men, it'll make it easier to stay focused on that aspect of your life. Just work on meeting guys you like and don't think about your weight when it comes to dating. Yeah its a factor but you should just focus on putting your best foot forward when dating. If you end up having supermodel body and you're still single then all-power to ya!!

    I am an 'in-shape' guys and I don't mind dating overweight women and if they're trying to get 'in shape' then that makes them even more appealing to me as a long term partner. As I try to improve my health, lol... trying to get a shredded six-pack, its coming through.

    • *I meant dating goals not girls in the first line.
      *The gist of my point is that its easier to stay focused on being healthy when you are doing it for you not to get a man because if he rejects you for that then he probably isn't the man you want, anyways.
      *Just as a girl who won't date me because I am not muscular enough is not a girl I want.

    • Yeah, I totally understand what you're trying to say. My weight loss journey is more about gaining self confidence and just wanting to live a long, healthy life especially since diabetes runs in my family. Getting hotter will just be a bonus.

      I guess I'm just a little nervous about putting myself back out there. I haven't dated in a long time so it's even more nerve wrecking.

    • Yeah just something to keep in mind. I used to get frustrated when I was trying to get more muscular and bigger arms. I used to have the mindset that if I didn't get bigger arms that girls would reject me. Eventually I realized if I want to improve my physique its because I want to do it not for some girl who is probably already superficial.

      Its alright to be nervous... its not easy. Just do your best to feel confident in who you are. If guys don't flock to you immediately then that's okay, just keep being healthy for your own sake and keep putting yourself out there. You're doing a positive thing, "never quit and you'll never lose"!!

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  • I am overweight, but I've never dated before. Still, I've had many people tell me I'm pretty, and plenty of guys have liked me before, so why wouldn't they like you? And it's not like you just don't care about your weight. Guys like it when you care enough to lose it. Plenty of guys like overweight women. Many have said that they'd rather have an overweight woman than a stick figure. Don't get discouraged!

  • I'm in a relationship right now, but so far looks like I'm still attract it to men even with some extra pounds. A few had approach me saying they like my personality, my curves too. I think is all about confidence in yourself and believe that you can be love just the way you are.
    Don't find men some are more shallow than others, you will have a hard time finding one, let them come to you. Good luck.

  • I'm very overweight and have had no problems. I've dated a few guys, plenty wanted me physically and i'm now in a commited relationship and have been for two years. Some guys just love bigger girls, my bf tells me he'd hate if i were skinny and loves my fluff. Of course i work on eating healthy and such to maintain a healthy body and less risks but i haven't had issues. Its all about a quality guy falling for yo i r quality personality and in that finding outer beauty as well as inner beauty. A old friend of mine fell for me and he only usually went for thin girls because he was thin as well. I think all good relationships need a friendship base. My current boyfriend is average weight and good looking and he adores me for who i am. I'm sure you can find a good man despite being overweight. Plenty of women are. ☺

  • It's good for me, honestly I don't get why some women have a problem with it. Myself, my bigger friend, a cousin, and sister, are all bigger and have no problem with men.
    I've never even had a bad guy or one who treated me at all badly.
    I think it's more to do with how you carry yourself, confidence, and what you wear.

  • It should be fine if you're open to dating chubby guys.

    • Yes, I've got no problem dating chubby men. One of the men I've got my sights on is fat.

  • Don't you worry darling, yes there are guys who prefer thinner girls but there are a lot of gentlemen who have finally come to their senses and realized that bigger women are wonderful cause there is more of you to love :) but if you feel the need to lose wait then by all means do it, only if you aren't doing it to impress men.


    ^^^^^^ I play this song for my sister whenever she is down about her weight... It helps :)

    • Let me guess; you believe in healthy at every size, don't you?

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    • Sorry, but a 600lb person is not as attractive as a normal weight person, nor as healthy. it's called reality, you shold stop ignoring it...

    • Who said anything about that level of obesity? The asker just said she was a bit overweight and would like to how hard it is to find a man. SO I answered with it isn't that hard if she basically accepts herself the way she is.