I'm confused, are there real feelings or just physical attraction/lust?

I've been talking to him for over a month now.. but we treat each other as if we're dating; we go on dates, make out, hold hands, talk on the phone almost every night, and text throughout the day. i met his friends, brother, and dad, and we've talked about making it official but the reason we haven't done so is because my parents dont approve of me getting in a relationship right now.
my point is, recently i felt that he is getting a bit too sexual/controlling on me (ex: we'd be kissing and he'd grip on to me when i try to pull away as a joke), and its not that i dont like it.. but i think that if he had real feelings for me he'd respect me and not want to be so controlling of my body.
there's a lot of physical attraction between us, which is what's confusing me... because we're so passionate with each other physically but we also get along like friends, which is a good thing, but i'm afraid this might be all there is to it, just the physical stuff. what i'm trying to say is this guy is doing all the right things, he's a gentleman and he has good manners, but could these all be signs that he's just a very smooth, convincing player?

please help me out, all answers appreciated!!


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  • This is so typical, and one of the things that drives guys crazy. "This guy is doing all the right things, he's a gentleman and he has good manners" but he's still suspected of being a no good "player." So how can he win? He can't. He's damned if he does, and damned if he doesn't.

    • Can't blame us girls for having trust issues! Does that mean you don't believe this guy's toying with my feelings?

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    • wow! I never thought I'd get MHO on this question. thanks!

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  • Physical attraction is a real feeling. What exactly are you expecting to experience that will constitute a real feeling?

    • Well of course physical attraction is a real feeling, but that doesn't mean he likes me. I wanna know if he has good intentions or just wants to get in my pants, and will move on to the next girl once he has.

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    • If he has made you uncomfortable, they it is incumbent upon you to clearly state your boundaries to him. He can't hear what you don't say.

      However, I still maintain that passionate or even aggressive behavior in the context of physical affection is completely normal and is in no way an indicator of poor moral character.

    • I guess you're right... I'll still keep my guard up regardless.

  • Yes there is real feeling too and physical attraction too...
    Its depend upon mood
    Sometimes we need more love than sex
    Sometimea we need more sex than love
    Both are interrelated... :)


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