Girls, how often do you text a girl you've just started dating?

So I went on one date with a girl and it went well. We've been texting since. Usually it's a couple times a day, depending on when she responds. I'm trying to arrange a second date and i've mentioned where I would like to take her. So at this point it's kind of up to her I guess. I just don't want to seem over eager by texting too much. How often is too much? Should I not text her for a couple days and see if she checks in on me?


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  • Initiate the texting (always). Text her every two days to check in, and immediately when making plans to arrange dates. If she doesn't text back to questions, then just leave it.

  • I'm really into the guy. I don't mind how much he texts me. But if he stops texting for a couple of days, I start to wonder what the hell went wrong and I start to doubt his feelings for me. I honestly would prefer if you keep texting. Obviously, not all day, but continue the conversations going. Girls love it when guys make the first moves. We start to wonder why he hasn't texted back after a while.


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