My ex is dating his best friend?

I began dating one of my older brothers best friends who is in fact four years older than me. We dated for only two months and then suddenly he told me that he could no longer date me because of our AGE DIFFERENCE. Now, four months later, he is dating his best girlfriend. I still see him in public and still get butterflys when I see him. We still talk occasionally and still have some good laughs. I feel like him and his best girlfriend are gonna end up together forever. The worst is probably the fact that he is great friends with my older brother and I keep hearing stories about him. I dont know what to do...


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  • You are going to have to move past this. Honestly if your ex is dating someone who makes him happy and you care about him then be happy he is happy and try to find someone that does the same for you. I understand he gave you a bs reason to leave you, but would you rather him have told you the truth? Well maybe he should have, but point is you can't dwell.


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