Should I date a freshman that I met after I get to know her a little better?

So as of tonight I met this freshman girl, probably 14 or 15 years old, who apparently is into me. Should I go for it? I'm 17 and I'm a Senior this year so Idk. Help pls.

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It didn't work out. thanks for the input though.


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  • Yes, last year when I was a freshman one of my friends dated a senior. They were a cute couple but it didn't last long because she moved. So yes, I believe it would work out.


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  • As long as you know that not much is gonna work after you graduate, you should go for it!

    • This comment^^^. The age difference isn't so much... but you will have to face major problems when you graduate. By problems I mean figuring put how to make things work.

    • I'm currently dating a guy who's gonna be a senior and we both know that we've got about a year. We've already accepted that.

  • As long as she seems interested go for it


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