Should I care that he's liking other girls' pictures?

Well we're going out and he is liking other girls' pictures on FB...

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  • He can still like other girls pictures and still love you, it doesn't mean he chooses them over you. Now if he doesn't like any of your pics then that's a different story.

    Let me state it like this, do YOU like other guys pics on FB? Or is it just him? If it really concerns you, tell him about it or bring it up. I'm positive he will understand how it makes you feel. We men only want to please our girls (at least the good guys).

    If you don't want to bring it up just yet, spend more time with him. See how he still feels about you and if he wants to keep the relationship going, which I assure you he will. Bottom line, during relationships, girls can have guy friends and guys can have girlfriends, as long as each of you remain faithful.

    • You're completely right! I haven't posted any pictures since we started dating so I'm not sure.. Thank you! :D

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