Boyfriend left for college?

I've only been dating my boyfriend for a couple weeks and he just left for college. We didn't talk all day today and when we did, he talked about this girl he met that he went to lunch with. I care about him so much, but I feel like I'm holding him back. I want him to have his college experience, but I also want us to work. What should I do?


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  • Talk to him about it. Try to talk as much as you can. But honestly, at college you're exposed to so many new people and get to know them so deeply and quickly, it may be hard to keep it going. I came into college with a relationship, but within a month it fell apart. A few days later I started dating my current girlfriend, and I've been together with her for a year :). But yeah- I guess it depends on what kind of guy he is and how your relationship developed as well.


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  • Talk to him about it. He's off learning new things about life and stuff. It's one of the downfalls of having a relationship with different ages. He's going to meet other girls to. It just happens.

  • Depending on the degree he gets he could be investing in a better future. It seems he has his mind made up and if he is telling you about s girl he met at lunch I guess if depends on how he said it but it seems messed up that he said it. You have to wonder if he sees you in his future. But there is always financial aid and loans

    • wtf do school loans have to do with this question

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