Is there any way to keep the first kiss with someone new from being super awkward?

I'm 22 and have basically zero experience dating/kissing, and I went on a third date with this guy today, and when we hugged I think he was going in for a kiss but I didn't realize it and pulled away, and it was really awkward and I just want to vomit up all my internal organs and then have the earth swallow me up.
So is there any way to make these moments less awkward?


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  • This reminds me of a guy who I once was seeing and he went in for a kiss but I went in for a hug... then he said "well this is awkward". I actually thought it wasn't such a big deal and then simply corrected the situation by kissing him. It really doesn't have to be awkward. A wise person once told me it's only awkward if you make it awkward. Kissing is super awesome and you shouldn't be afraid of it. Also be honest and express whatever you're feeling. If you're nervous, say so! Don't be shy of your emotions.


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  • "I just want to vomit up all my internal organs"
    That would have done little to encourage the guy to kiss you.
    Awkward moments are part of being human and they happen to everyone.
    Give the guy a big smooch the next time around and all will be forgotten (if he hasn't already forgotten it)

    • So you don't think I need to worry about him thinking I'm not into him?

    • I can't say what the guy thought.
      If I was in his place I would have chalked up to a flub of my own by not telegraphing my intent to prepare the girl in advance.
      On your next date, perhaps you might try initiating the kiss.

  • From personal experience it has always been awkward going in for the first kiss. You just have to do it and or let it happen. When it's the right time it will happen.


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  • Unfortunately, it's always awkward until you do it enough with the same person.