Flaky Guys... Why Do This?

This has happened to me a bunch. A guy will text me or call me and tell me about a party that's happening later that night, and I'll say that I wanna go so they say they'll text me later. But then once it gets late they don't ever text. So sometimes I text them back, but they ignore me completely.

So why are they doing this? Do they not like me? Why invite me in the first place? And why does it happen to me so much?

Please help!

o and I know that most of them have had crushes on me at points, so they don't think I'm ugly or annoying

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  • first of all been there done that :( I COMPLETELY relate and to be truthfully honest it sucks! cause first you are smittin about the guy thinking he feels the same and then you wait by the phone hoping he will contact you but doesn't and then your heart broken 1st because he doesn't call and then it comes into reality that you feel stupid cause you were that girl waiting by the phone! god I can't tell you how much I can relate to this...but all I can say is trust is a huge factor when it comes to a relationship even just a friendship and if you already (before a relationship starts) can't trust him JUST TO CALL WHEN THEY SAY THEY WILL how can you trust them with the really important things? also I know its old fashion but you really need to wait for the guy to make the first move only in order to see his feelings for you :) if he does call then great you have a guy willing to find his balls to ask you out so that's a given he likes you and then you save yourself all the time questioning your self and what you did or said to figure out if he is into you..if he calls it shows :) and also if he doesn't yeah it does hurt but like everyone says there really are a ton of fish in the sea :) haha I'm finding out about that right now myself and it feels great knowing I have the choice and maybe they are sitting by the phone hoping that I'm liking them haha. (trust me its a great change) also if you don't focus all your attention on one guy it seems to the best of both worlds you do your own thing and the guys won't feel suffocated or smothered by you and they will do the work to see you if they really like you...also if the guy doesn't call you know that he never cared in the first point so then you can laugh at it realizing holy crap I just avoided a major duch lol :) hope I helped sorry a little long what can I say lol.


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  • I voted B, because I can think of lots of possible options.

    a. they simply forgot, then got embarrassed.

    b. they like you, but you're a backup plan.

    c. they like you, but got too worried to seal the deal.

    and so on...

    But in general, I try to not worry about flakes and people who jerk me around like this. when they try to play me, its just a sign that they don't deserve my time because they're acting like a 6th grade student.

  • Maybe they're lying saying that they are going to party to try and impress you? And when you ask them if you can go they're probably like "Oh sh*t!".


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