What if a guy/girl you were dating was once an accessory to a violent crime?

You are at the dating stage. You like each other a lot but then he or she admits to having a dark past. It turns out they were an accessory to a severe crime some years back.

As the accessory, they were not present at the time the actual crime was committed, but they agreed to aid and abet the perpetrators in some way (despite knowing of the crime beforehand). In the process of the crime innocent people were harmed or killed. This is something he or she later came to regret. They still feel guilty about it to this day and it is obviously an emotional burden on them. They have served their time already.

Would it put you off them as a person or would you be prepared to give them a second chance in life?

If you want a specific example, imagine there had been a bank robbery. During the course of this robbery two innocent bystanders were killed and another seriously injured. The perpetrators fled the scene in their own getaway vehicle and drove for approximately a mile before abandoning it, and transferring to a different vehicle in a discreet location, since they knew the police would be looking for the original vehicle. This second vehicle was driven by your date, because they knew none of the perpetrators would have been in a fit state to drive very far (indeed the driver of the original vehicle was driving very erratically on the way).

For the record, they knew all along there was a chance of people being killed or injured, but they still went along with it. It wasn't until the crime had actually taken place that they realised the gravity of the situation. That was when it hit them. Because of the guilt, they refused to take their share of the money and eventually handed themselves in.

How would you take this revelation?


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  • It all depends on his heart. There are some genuinely good people who've done fucked up things, and there are pedophiles, rapists and other fucked up people who work for charity or constantly give to charity.
    It's all about a persons true intentions, not just their actions, it's about the real reason in their heart they did certain things, not just what they did.


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  • If they felt guilty for it, I wouldn't be turned off of them. If they were comfortable enough with me to tell me about it, then I would assume I would love them enough to try and help them get through this. If I wasn't in love with them and looking for an out in the relationship though, this would be it

  • I wouldn't ever talk to them agin let only date them


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