Do women really want the bad boy or the nice guy? part 1 of 2?

I saw a lot of men writing about women being superficial, wanting only good looking men etc., so I made the decision to write this, my personal opinion base on my personal experiences.

Although I think it is true that many nice guys really do get rejected, I do also think it has other causes than women not liking nice guys, most often you have to find the main reason in the men themselves.
The sad truth is many nice guys actually believe in it. Consequently it means they are in large, giving up in advance and never really go out there and “fight” for it.

Let me say this now, women DO indeed like men who treats them nicely, with respect have a moral compass that says that you should not abuse others etc.. What women don't like is lack of self confidence, bitterness, someone who do not even think they are good or masculine enough to get a woman.
If a man looking at a women all night, but without approach to say hello... then it's rather difficult to get girls for sure.

Do not be bitter
I have read so many post that simply reeks of bitterness towards women. The attitude seems to be that women are superficial and can pick and choose between all men, and therefore they only want the
alpha males, while the sweet regular guys are rejected.
Ask yourself how attractive do you think a bitter, man-hating woman is? I can assure you, women feel the same way about men who are negative and generalising about women. Negativity is a turn off for most women, they want a man to make them feel good, not sad.

Don't try over-scoring by only going for the supermodels
Another phenomenon is men who complain about women they can not have, then completely ignoring the women who are actually available to them. It should be self-evident, but no man were promised sex with attractive women as a birthright - sex is a privilege earned.

see part 2

This is intended for men, although women can comment as well.


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  • In the end the good guy usually really wins unless she's stupid


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  • I dated a nice guy. I found him a bit clingy but he stopped being that way after a while.

    He was awesome as a boyfriend though.

    I hate bad boys.


  • I prefer nice guys. I dont like playing games

    • What's wrong with you? You're talking like an intelligent adult! Why!!! You're a MUTANT from another world! Stop that! Oh no! I can't resist... you have forced me to acknowledge you with RESPECT! A woman who can't be depended on to play games!!! What is the world coming to?

  • We. like nice man I do too when they are not socially awkward or to dumb bc shy and dumb are diferrnt thing we don't like being mistreated and being dougched bad just be confidence and manly it's ok

  • I'm a woman and I do not play around with bad boys. I prefer nice guys.


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  • The inescapable reality is that the vast majority of women DO want the bad boy! Susan Walsh from Hooking Up Smart. Com clearly lays out the truth that women keep on denying.

  • LMAO at all those bullshit female answers.

    • The females who answered all seem to think the "jerk-douche bag" fever phenomenon doesn't exist! They're either very rare, exceptional women or they're lying even to THEMSELVES!

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