Do women really want the bad boy or the nice guy? part 2 of 2?

Going for someone on you own level, will greatly increase your success rate, so unless you are a young Brad Pitt lookalike, then adjust your requirements accordingly.

Learn how to be dominating in the right way
It may be a cliché and of course there are plenty of exceptions, but many women are relatively submissive in their sexuality to some extent. They like a man to take charge, showing her what he wants and taking her passionately.
That's usually what women mean, when their dating profile say they like a man who "takes control" or who is a "real man", or know “how to treat women”
It does not mean that they are looking for a male chauvinist jerk, but instead, they want a man who can be a little sexually aggressive and controlling, so they in turn can give up control for a while.

Lighten up, do not be afraid of rejections
We all get rejected, don't let it stop you. Fear can pacify and paralyse and most women will not get turned on by a paralysed man. So do not take so seriously. Try going for a woman that you are not so deeply into, at first. Most women like to be hit on, if done in a good way. Nice woman will also reject you in nice way if she is not interested, bitches don't but who wants bitches anyway. So nice guys are the best, all human like nice, polite, sweet, loving, empathic peoples. Recent full, bitter, angry, psychopaths, idiots and douchebags are like by no one.
Women are flattered when someone shows interest in them, and there's nothing better to a women than a man who charmingly chosen one women and go all in on the project. Unfortunately, self-confidence is also a characteristic of douchebags so they, I grate you, hold an advantage.
In other words, if you're a nice, geeky, humorous, loving man with good values your still able to get a women, so just get out there and meet women, you won't find them at home or playing online games.

This is intended for men, although women can comment as well.


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  • I am telling you, I approached the nice guy and rejected the bad boy. I do not have time for idiots who pretend to be bad.

    It is simply ludicrous.



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  • girls love the bad boy up until the time they start looking for serious relationships. Never the less they almost always want a confident guy and you can be that while also being nice.

  • i play video games most of the time so that means i'll be single forever