Why does he want to see me if he is moving away?

I met a guy online about two months ago and we were getting along great. He made plans twice to see me, the second time was after he had to reschedule the first date as he was sick. He cancelled the second time and then I hadn't heard from him since. So, a month passed.

I found out earlier in the week that he is moving to another state in a month for his job. This morning at like, 3am he asked if I wanted to have breakfast with him that morning. I figured he was wasted. But he has continued talking to me throughout the day even though I said no to breakfast.

Why would he do this? Why give me the silent treatment for a month and get back in touch a month before moving away? What would his motives be?


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  • Meeting someone online is always a bit sketchy. You've never met the guy? I dont think thats a good idea. He may be hiding a whole life and not be telling you. Sounds like a catfish scenario. If you consider him a good friend to text then thats cool but if i were you i wouldn't date this guy. Guys usually want one thing. But not all the time. He may be making up stories about him moving and everything. Be careful with who you meet online.

    • Oh no I do know him through mutual friends but we are just acquaintances, and most of our communication has been online.

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