The WORST (or most random) "how we met" story?

so who has the worst "how we met" story? (or most random)


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  • I was getting prepped to to have a c-section for my twins with this handsome RN started asking if I was married... my response was roll my eyes (c'mon about to give birth and in pain) he kept insisting and I was more annoyed! Lol soon after I was out of surgery and ready to go home I seen him again and he asked for my number and I responded I'm single by the way!!! We dated and and are really great friends now...

    • Such a good story... Why didn't it work out, if you don't mind me asking?

    • It didn't work out because the timing was wrong... he was great moral support and all I was a single mom, working full time, and school!!! Our schedules didn't meet up and when they did he felt very sad about not being able to see me as much as he wished to... this went on for about a year and it was awesome! I can see myself dating him again and we still flirt and all, but I want him to be sure of what he wants BEING THAT he has a gf of 8months... and I don't want to be in the way of it all!!! I can happily say I know him for more than 3yrs now! Dated after 6months of getting to know each other FOR A YEAR and now really good friends!!!

    • LOL winner

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  • I have a random one.

    I went to a library to start working and this guy comes in. I look at him and tell him "I hate you". I found him ugly and annoying. Two years later, we date. :P


  • I met a boyfriend's parents for the first time when I was tied to their bed and they came home early. The dude ran into the closet when they came up the stairs. I, of course, could not.

    • That's horrible lol what did they say?

    • They were dumbfounded to find a naked girl tied to their bed. The wife looked at the husband very suspiciously until I said "your son is in the closet."

  • I was at a party and was dancing (grinding) on this one guy. It was really dark and I couldn't see his face super well but something about him seems really familiar. Anyways so I turn around and ask him what his name is and he says "Kevin."

    A light bulb goes off.

    I was at a party a few months earlier where I met and hooked up with his TWIN brother. We even exchanged phone numbers and talked for a little bit after that but we just didn't click.

    Lol Kevin and I still dated after that.

  • I'm not sure if this is classified as "worst," but I've met guys in the following scenarios:
    -tinder dates
    -college parties where both parties are drunk or at least semi-intoxciated and we end up hooking up (mostly sex)


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