I'm not sure if he's into me?

I have been seeing this guy for about a month now, I like him, but I'm not sure how he feels about me, he seems very casual about things and I'm wondering whether he, s genuinely interested or whether he, s lacking confidence in himself to instigate anything, or whether he, s just not sure about me?


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  • Interested in you as in interested in a relationship with you? Like living with you for a long time?


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  • Give me the signs and I will tell you.


    • Thanks for your reply. he, s physically distant, and hasn't tried to kiss me yet. maybe he, s trying to be a gentleman by not rushing things, which is nice but how soon is too soon? Maybe he, s worried of putting me off, I don't know. but something has to happen soon.

    • Those are not signs.

      These are:
      -He looks at me
      -He smiles
      -He looks down.

      Get me some actual signs please.

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