Meet the parents on 4th date? Is it too soon?

Ok we aren't officially dating! But things are getting a little bit serious. We had sex in the first date... Terrible I know. I thought he would never text me again but then the next day he arranged another date, a proper one.. It's only the 4th date coming up this weekend and his staying the night at mine because he lives 2hours away from me and only get to see him on the weekends.
We have sex a lot! Like a lot in just one day that sometimes I would think he is just using me, but every time almost every time actually, after we have sex he always says I hope you aren't using me whatsoever... Then I told him I like sex and I enjoy it with you... (That sounded slutty sorry! Lol)

But anyway that's not the point,
I'm planning to tell my dad about him... Well I have to since he's staying the night.
And I'm scared. But I think he will be fine with it. I only just turned 18 and he's 23. My mother is fine with it.

He always gets jealous whenever someone messages me and stuff and he's really clingy, he always calls and texts me every morning and when he goes to bed, he really is clingy but eh... I've never had a bf, well I did in 8th grade and I think I'm just really not used to this "relationship" kind of thing... And I've never met anyone who cares about me so much..

Anyway guys, is it too soon to meet the parents on the 4th date? I mean even on the first date he introduced me to his parents through Skype (because they live in Europe) and yeah.. I know its such a crazy story! But please


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  • Way too soon. Just my input...


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