Is it silly of me to feel bad about some thing's my high school crush told me about my sister? (read carefully)?

ok i liked my hs crush since the first year of high school, he would always catch me staring at him coz i had a hudge monster crush on him and he knew it *blush*...

but at that time he never spoke to me nor looked at me, and asked other girls out and pretty much ignored me.

when i used to be in high school, i was really fat 143 lbs and ugly and never wore makeup and i was a loner...

but when i got to college, i changed, i lost weight and wore makup and became pretty and guys would ask me out,

so one day he poked me on "facebook" we chatted for a bit, i confessed that i liked him he said he knew i did, then the next day he said he saw my sister's pic on fb and claimed that "woow she is really really pretty" and asked thing about her like what does she do etc etc... then later on he asked me out...

i know those were common things but for some reason my heart droped when he saw my sister, he never once said i was pretty or anything,... i actually felt heart broken from this...

and i know he must think im attractive too but its kinda hard to tell coz my sister has always been the prettier sister and i have been the ugly one,...

but any how am i being silly or stupide?

and please no rude answers... thank you.


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  • You're not being silly. His mind changed because you changed, and that's all there is to it. Yes, he acted like a jerk by leading your affections on before dropping them off, but now you have what you want. Just let it become water under the bridge, and fret no longer.


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