Why is my date being so private and doesn't answer my simple question?

My date likes to keep himself busy from work. And he hasn't plan for our 2nd date yet? But we still keep in touch by texting each other and the only thing is that his diffrent then other guys I met. On the first date he kissed &hug me and we talk quite less. Today we texted and I told him: When we met? Do I look cute? ( He replied: You gotta go to the gym, focus on ur career. Cas I can't tell u anything for now,) It was funny too me at first wen he told me to go to gym, he wanted me to kept myself busy and find a FT job. And he even want to kw my full name & religion so I text him and let him kw and I wanted to know his full name too? But he wouldn't let me,
( he replied me: Big Story, will tell u later) I say pls and He replied: I don't like you to be pushy dear. And So I aplogise to him..
( He replied to me also : I can feel We can be good friends for now. ) What is that mean? Just being friends or Bf relationship think?

Pls what do you think about it? I just don't know why his being so private cause we are dating? And the 2nd date he plans when his free from work & his job was a Technology Engineering that why his very busy.

We just knew like about 1week ago..


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  • Doesn't seem like he want's another date, but the's going about the wrong way, if it were me I would be the kind of guy to tell you straight up I don't want to see you if I didn't want a second date. Saves both of us time, and awkwardness. It's usually nothing to do with them I'm just not looking for anything serious so why bother, since I really only went on the date because my friends set it up insisting I need someone in my life lol.


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  • Don't chase him. He won't tell you his name so he is either not interested really or maybe married?

    • His kinda nerd and smart. But he told me that he want to be good friends with me first, I knew relationship must go step by step.. So he mention to me When his free he would plan to me meet? but I dun kw wen but he usually busy. I only knew his first Name but not his full name cause he alrdy knew my full name. And didn't tell me his full name :(( he just told me long story.

    • His not married.. His single.

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  • Are you sure he even wants there to be a second date because it doesn't sound like he does

    • Because I text n told him straight that if his willing to keep in touch with me? And he told me his usually busy and he won't able to spend time with any job. I even type up there that he told kept my busy and active later that I asked him again. When his able to meet me again? He told me his not sure my work is really busy. I told him to keep in touch by texting me and he says.. that's the problem, I will reply when I have time.