Is it a lost cause? Guy was super into me, but then he turned stone-cold?

I met this guy almost two months ago now. I haven't seen him in about a month. Our plans never quite worked out. But we have talked and flirtatiously chatted each other since we last saw each other. It started slowing down, but I didn't think much about it. Until last week when I noticed a huge change. I was tired of the playful banter and really wanted to meet up again, so I asked him when are we meeting up? no response. I playfully messaged him on fb. He plays back, but then when I bring up the idea of hanging out again, he stops messaging me. Keep in mind he had ideas, but never set a firm date. Message has been unread for a week now and I know he's been checking his fb. I'll be leaving for college in about a week and I really hope to make things happen. If not, how do I keep in touch while I am away?


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  • Yeah, it's a lost cause. Guys who are interested find excuses to meet up, not the other way around. You'll find plenty of dateable guys at college; trust me.

    • i would think so too. but then he calls me and says he wants to see me this week. i call back but no response. this has become an endless cycle of where the ball always ends up in his court. what is his deal?

    • Actions speak louder than words, and in this case it's clear this is going nowhere fast. If you put up with this crap now, then it's only going to get worse. I wouldn't invest my time in Mr. Flakey McFlake-a-lot. People worth dating will respect your time. He's just toying with you and keeping you on your toes - you deserve better than being "in the wings."

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