Dating and relationships?

do you think some people are meant to be single for their whole life and, why or why not? what age should guys settle at?

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If you don't believe in the party/bar scene, where else can you meet 25-35 yr old women?


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  • Do I believe some people are meant to be single their entire lives? as in destiny? Fate? No.

    I do believe some people will be single their entire lives but not because it was meant to be rather because they refuse to change their ways. Some people stumble through their lives waiting for something to happen and in some cases, things will happen on their own, but most often those things need a push in the right direction.

    Someone who has been single for a good portion of the adult life is that way because they are complacent in their actions. If you want something, then stop at nothing to achieve it. This is how those who have not achieved a relationship are most likely to change it in the future.

    • I'm not a party higher, I used to be a alcoholic and if I get back into the bar scene it would tempt me to drink again. Where else do the single 25-35 he old ladies hang out?

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  • People who say they're never going to get a girlfriend are setting themselves up for just that with their negative thoughts. They're probably a tad socially awkward or not very attractive (being totally honest) but I've watched programmes like the Undateables in which people with severe learning disabilities or down syndrome end up finding the love of their life. If they can do it, anyone can do it so it pisses me off when people say they'll never get a girlfriend/boyfriend. I usually find when you focus on it 24/7, it depresses you and you don't find anyone. I always found my boyfriends unexpectedly, never when I was looking for a boyfriend.
    Who wants to date someone who has no self confidence and constantly feels bad about themselves? Whether you know it or not, negativity comes through anything you say, girls pick up on it which is highly unappealing. I've spoken to guys like that. Guys who think so negatively about dating probably will become overprotective if they did get a girlfriend because they don't want to risk losing them and being alone. They've become obsessed with the idea of finding love which depresses them. It's a vicious circle that only they can get out of.

  • this is your life know one else's, if u wanna be single do it. If you want to have kids have kids. know one can decide other wise only you can x

  • I don't believe some people are meant to be single I've been single for about 5 months now but I've learned a lot from my past relationship. But I don't believe I am meant to be single my whole life. I think the key to relationships is getting to know people and sharing common interest in things you both like to do, whatever it may be. I still haven't found the right guy in my life to move forward with into a relationship. I learned you have to build a friendship before you decide to build a relationship with a guy you like. I'm 17 and in high school and I haven't really met the guy that sweeps me off my feet. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever fall in love again, I've been hurt a lot emotionally but I'd learned from my past relationships. I thought I'd stay with him throughout high school but it didn't really work out like that. So I'm just doing me focusing on my studies and trying to socialize more with people because I've never really been out there out there. But I guess if you want to get people to notice you or something you have to get yourself out there which is something I have trouble with doing. I don't ever settle for less than what I deserve in a relationship. Sure I have failed and hit my head but I took baby steps and walked it out and now I've healed. I guess the right guy will come with time but I won't focus so much on falling in love I still have many more years to go. I don't think a young woman should settle for anything less no one should in a relationship. If you have tried all that you can to keep it moving and nothing has worked then I would suggest pack your bags and don't be afraid to walk away. I'm still learning with trying to interact with guys I've never really been a talkative girl I've always been reserved and pretty much to myself but I'm still working on it.

    • Try being 35 and girlfriendless for over 2 years and no kids

    • I couldn't try that

    • I've had one boyfriend who is now my ex and I'm in high school I just haven't really been in love in love well at least I thought I was until he led me on and left me like I was nothing

  • I was never the type of a person who like going on dates or would wish to have a boyfriend. I just can't imagine myself putting so much time and energy into a relationship, I love just walking around my house like a homeless person and just doing whatever I feel like doing or being antisocial for entire week etc. Dates on the other hand just feel to me like some kind of job interviews just that they are about your love life. I don't know it's just odd to me when I see my friends meeting someone for the first time and talking a bit and then they go out few times and then all the sudden they are in relationship and then slowly they fall in love etc. For me to actually really like someone I've always needed to know the person really well and feel comfortable around before hand (which is why I usually fall for friends) and dates with people I just met really don't interest me so I usually just reject them, or go out with them once and then never again.

    The only times I've ever really wanted to be in a relationship was when I already really liked someone or had a thing with already and I just wanted to spend all my time with that person and make the world know how much I liked them and it seemed worth putting my time and effort into. Also because I thought with relationship I would make it exclusive and make that person only mine.


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  • I think if you want to be "single" your life then you are meant to be single. However if you want a life time partner or to become married then you should go after that person who meshes well with you.

    A lot of people are unlucky early on and they might meet people but it doesn't work out, in fact most people don't end up staying with the first person they date.

    I am 19, and I don't think it would be smart to get married till I am at least 24, though ideally I would have known the girl at least a year, but I don't plan on sitting back and waiting. I've been rejected and never had a girlfriend so sometimes it makes me feel bad. But I just think no matter where you are in life if you want to find someone then its about putting yourself out there a lot. Talking to people and being open minded about your predicament.

    I try to think that the girls who rejected me just weren't the right ones and that if I find a person who meshes well with me then I'll do my best to be the best partner I can be. If it fails oh well move on.

    I think its good to settle down when you feel you've met the right woman. A woman you're attracted to, who cares about you, and who is on your level when it comes to a long term relationship.

    • I'm 35 and haven't had a girlfriendfor morevthan a few months. All theybwanted was sex and money. It ain't Wirth it

  • I feel I'm meant to be single and alone forever, but I'm trying to do something about it. But I would never settle. If I marry, it's not because I settled for the first woman that would have me.

  • I think guys should never settle. There are so many divorces in the world because people are afrai of being alone, and will settle with someon they are unhappy with. If you can't find that person whom you could love for all eternity, better to stay single and learn to love yourself than live an uncontent and restless life with another person whom you cannot commit your complete loyalty to.

    • but what about if you wanna have a family and such and re pressured to do so by friends and relatives. i personally feel i m meant to b single. i love havign the freedom sometimes but other it would be nice to have someone to share my best moments with

    • I understand. If you're willing to take the risk that you can learn to fully love the woman you aren't completely in love with yet, by all means, give it a try. Nobody should dictate whether you remain single or have a family; you decise that based on whom you meet, and whether they're worthy of becoming part of that dream family.

  • I don't think people are meant for anything...

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