I'm waiting for him to text me now, should I stop being so impatient?

I've been dating this guy for about 2 months now, we see each other once, twice a week depending on how busy we are, he works as a freelancer but is always busy. We cuddle all the time, kiss, hold hands, etc and he always kisses my hand which I think is so sweet.

Anyway the thing is we're a bit low on communication, we hardly ever text on days we don't see each other and if we do I'm the one who has started it (not all the time I must add, just the past couple of weeks because I'm impatient) I'm not saying that he hasn't asked to meet up with me, etc because he does in person when we're together, he'll say "do you fancy doing this sometime" or "when will I next see you". For instance, last week I asked if he was free and he said he was busy at work but would be out on Thursday so we met then (it was a work event and we're in the same industry) and that night he called me his girlfriend for the first time and was affectionate with me in front of his mates, etc. He even said that we'd do something the following week, which I ended up texting him about to arrange because I get so impatient.

He can quite happily not text me for a few days, the most has been 5 days and he texted then.

We arranged to meet last week but he texted to tell me he had sprained his wrist and was in a bad mood and said I didn't have to see him because he didn't want to bore me but said of course he wanted to see. I went over anyway with sweets, pizza and cheered him up. So I texted him on Thursday asking how he was and he said he was a bit better and thanked me for cheering him up.

So now I'm waiting for him to text me now, should I stop being so impatient? I just don't want to come across as too keen whilst not appearing too distant! No win situation, my guy friends say that he'll be waiting until his hand gets better to arrange a met up. Acc. to them he comes across as just as insecure as me, saying that he is a really laid back guy and has said that he hasn't had much luck with women before.

Has anyone else had this with a guy before I really like him!

Any advice would be great, thanks.


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  • Aww, I don't think there's anything you should be worrying about. He probablly feels the exact same way that you do. He might not want to text you all the time because he might not want you to think he's too clingy or anything. Or, he might just be shy I guess. Whatever the case, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.