Girl seemed so into me and is now so distant?

I began talking to this girl on a whim online and quickly realised she wasn't just someone to talk to. She was nice, easy to talk too, beautiful and best of all had near identical sense of humour and made me laugh a lot. We talked near non-stop for a few days before I finally plucked up the courage to ask her out. We organised it for the next day and we ahead with it, no awkward silences and some weird conversation but it was no different to talking via text. I finshed with 'this was good, we have to do something again'.
So i left it a few days to talk again and then quickly set a time and date for a second 'date'.
Now this is where the problem arose, we spoke, again with little silence, for another few days before she dropped about not wanting a relationship and I questioned what about our 'dates' to which she replied I thought it was just mates hanging out, now this alone hurt but I could cope with that, I'll be friends with her she's cool. But now when I text, I have to text first can't recall her texting first since, I either get no reply or a good conversation like before which abruptly ends. I still am into her unfortunately and its hard to get her off my brain, I was 100% sure in my mind before that she liked me.
Now I'm unsure if this a 'get out and save myself' kinda situation or a 'test' so to speak and I should try and show her I'm serious?


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  • she's probably confused about her feelings towards you


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