Second chance with guy I dated for two months?

Was dating this guy for 2 months, saw him twice a week and chatted everyday through text.. his last relationship (they were married) she cheated on him so understandably he's very wary.
He's a lovely, sweet, caring guy.. there was no immediate attraction, I just felt comfortable around him and the more I got to know him the more I realised I liked him and that he had more to him.

He never said how much he liked me or anything like that, last week we were texting and he didn't seem that arsed, so I backed off a bit.. he asked to see me which I declined due to just being lazy..! I think he took it personally and the texting slowed down quite a lot.. until I text him the other day saying sorry and that I thought he wasn't interested.. so without meaning to I've kinda ended it!
I messaged saying I guess I've fucked up.. he replied with yea and saying he doesn't like being messed around.
I'm picking up some DVDs I left there in a few days (won't be seeing him though) I was gonna post a note saying "thanks for the DVDs :) ever give a girl a second chance?"
Or does that scream desperate/ sad?


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  • Can you guys talk over the phone? I don't really get it, this sounds like a MAJOR miscommunication! You could easily clear it up if you didn't talk via text. And just said "hey I'm really sorry, I just didn't want to hang out THAT day but I am still interested. I really wasn't trying to mess with you!" etc. Although if he asked you out, why did you think he wasn't interested? Just wondering :) IMHO texting can lead to huge miscommunications, that's what seems to have happened here! Good luck.