Does my best friend like me?

My best friend is a guy and we have we been best friends for a few momths now, we clicked instantly when we met and we see eachother all the time. But is he just shy and polite or does he like me? iv noticed now he would just look at me with like a little smile on his face for no reason, he constantly compliments me plus iv never seen him talk or look at any other girl like the way he looks at me. We always get asked if we are dating but he gets really pissed off when people ask that, and now when we are in public he would stand right next to me like kinda shielding me. He is quiet shy and quiet and a bit awkward but he is very protective as well. Does he like me and what should I do? I kinda only see him as a older brother but Im not totally sure how I feel about him now...


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  • A lot of guys get this way when they meet a girl they really like. I've done it too, actually. It sounds to me like he really likes you,, he just doesn't know quite how to express it. The only thing you can do about it right now is talk about your friendship/relationship with him (in person of course). Let him know how you feel, ands he'll let you know how he feels. Then you can both work from there.

    Hope that helps :)

  • If you want something, you can start the "first" step!


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