Asking where they are going?

My boyfriend, our daughter and I all live together. When I my boyfriend gets up and leaves I ask where he is going and he blows a gasket. Is it so wrong to ask where he is going? If he get up and goes and he has our daughter, I'll ask where he is going and he still blows a gasket. If he is going somewhere to hang out I'll ask how long and he blows a gasket and says I'm putting a time limit on him but I don't I just say if you'll be gone longer then you say then just shoot me a text to let me know that you are staying longer so that I'm not worried something has happened. This is because he's had 2 or 3 dui's and when he hangs out he tends to drink. Am I so wrong in asking these questions?


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  • no you have the right to ask him anything u want especially when there is a kid involved and especially when he has your child for him to get mad he's either doing something he's not suppose to be doing and i feel like he isn't telling u anything because he doesn't want u to think he's out doing the stuff he did before drinking and driving or doing anything bad he just doesn't want to get in a argument with u over it and u questioning or assuming he's drinking and he feels like he's being monitored or question or watch on how much he drinks and he probably is just wanting u to trust him enough to believe he's not out drinking or doing anything bad but from the sounds of it he may think u don't trust him enough to stop drinking or drinking as much and i would stop questioning him so it doesn't lead him into drinking or worse the last thing u want is for him to be doing something he shouldn't be doing and we don't know where he's at he could be at a party and some girl could be okay with him drinking and u may not and he may think its okay and be with someone who won't have a problem with it so thats why i said stop questioning him so much maybe if u play his game and don't ask him anything he will eventually end up telling u but if he doesn't then u play his game and don't tell him where ur going and how long u will be so he will realize how hurt you were when he was doing that and then he will worry he's losing u and panic and learn from his mistakes