At what age did you lose your virginity?

How old were you and the other person, where did you do it, and how long did it last? Girls, did it hurt? I'm nervous about for when I do it for the first time.


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  • I was 16, him 17. We had lots of foreplay and did sexual activities before, such as oral, 69, fingering, ect. Get sexually intimate but don't have sex until awhile. Once you do, you realize it isn't as big of a deal as it seems. Just trust your partner enough and make sure he will be gentle with you. It shouldn't hurt. You are in control, tell him what you want and how rough/gentle to be.


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  • At what age did you lose your virginity?
    17 my gf of a year at the time

    where did you do it
    at her house

    how long did it last?
    don't remember. I want to say 15-20 minutes

  • I hope my account isn't banned/reported for this. I was 16 she was 13. she asked me and sense I had a huge crush on her I said yes. I was a bit slow getting undressed as I was just admiring her as she took her cloths off. I did quite a lot of 4play with her before she asked me to Fu*K her. I'm not sure how long it lasted but she seemed to enjoy it as much as I was.

    At one point I noticed her face looked like she was in pain so I made sure not to go in all the way but I doubt many men would be half as careful their first time especially if they think it might be her first time too but that's why you have a deep conversation with them before hand.

    I just want to add that you shouldn't be rushed into having sex and wait for a guy who you would be willing to be with and doesn't pressure you. now I'm older I understand that 13 was very young but in my case I never heard any complaints and even got to have sex with her a 2nd time, so if I was her first I'm glad she picked me and not someone who would only care about their self.


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  • 14 it was right before my 15th birthday though