I am jealous I don't know what to do should I tell him or nawww?

So me n my bf were best friends we dated we broke up we a were best friends n now we are back together
So when we were best friends he told me he liked this girl and I was like cool then he tells me he likes me
We date then brake up
Best friends again
He said he loves me but has feelings for another girl but is confused then I quiz him n he says he loves me
We date again n r still dating
We are in different school
Both girls are in his class
N he hangs out with them n I don't know
I think I am a little jealous but I hate this feeling
I feel bad should I tell him


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  • Sounds like his unsure what he wants. You shouldn't have gone into a relationship with each other until you knew what his feelings are for the other girls and most importantly for you. Maybe ask him. Because he needs to know what he wants and you need to ask him what he wants. Or you guys will go back and forth

  • Haha... I'm sorry this makes me laugh.. you guys with this back and forth. I think reguardless whatever happens, you were made for each other. Good luck!