Ways to ask girls to prom?

Proms coming up this year for me, and i was wondering if anyone had good ideas to ask a girl out to prom, since i dont want to ask too late in the year, and i want to ask early in the year or in the middle of the year.


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  • If you have a special girl in mind, what I think would be really sweet would be finding out her favourite movie, and reenacting a scene from it. It depends on the movie of course. For example, if she loved Say Anything, you could do the famous scene where he stands at her window and holds a boom box over his head playing their song (or her favourite song). And once she comes to see what's going on, you could ask her!

    Or if you can sing, you could sing a romantic song or her favourite song if you have any shows at your school where you could do that.

    That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure whatever you do will be nice, and she'll love it. Try to make it come from the heart if you do an idea from here. Make it your own. Good luck! :)


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