Can someone explain me this train of thought?

In our modern words, men are equal to women - or at least we say they are and push towards it.

Woman = man.

Yet in dating a lot of women apply :
woman = man + something

What am i missing here? Hypocrisy?
Special rights?

Almost all women i hear talk on talk shows, radio, vlogs, etc say they want a man.. PLUS something extra from him as if their gender is somehow more valuable than the other.


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  • Here's some biology. Women want a provider. Men want a fertile womb. Class dismissed.

    • Yeah feminism got rid of that. Take some courses in "gender equality" then come back and tell me the same thing.

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    • That's my point, it is not fair.
      And sadly i am a strong believer in fairness.

      MHO for good conversation :)

    • Yeah, it's not fair at all, but I've learned to live with that. I'll just try my best to acquire those things and if I get them, I'm set. Cheers, man.

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  • Too many women these days don't seem to understand the the concept of Chivalry was designed with the concept of women being weak, and also considered property. Women were idolized and worshiped as an act of courtship, to win them over, because only powerful men could have beautiful wives. Women were a symbol of status and power, marriages were arranged, and items, money, or serves were traded for women to marry and bear children for the men. Those acts of worship were merely to keep the women placated and quiet, so that they wouldn't seek rights and privileges.

    You can't have equality AND special treatment. And IMO, if a women hits a man, unprovoked and actually tries to hurt him, he has every right to his self defense. Don't dish out what you can't take!

  • So you don't look for certain qualities in a woman? I'm not really seeing what you're getting at to be honest.

    • If i like a woman i go for it, i don't demand that she brings more than her person to the table - you get me?
      A lot of women i met said that a guy must 'prove' to them he is ( and i quote ) 'worthy'.

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    • Interesting.
      Also btw, you got a comical username xD

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  • Problem:

    eq.1... woman = man + something

    if :

    "something"= Unknown Variable


    Unknown Variable= "that can pocreate, provide & protect"

    Solution:(suplly the unknown variable to equation 1)

    Woman = Man + that can pocreate, provide & protect

    Conclusion/ checking:

    Well lets face it women are weak so they need a guy w that can pocreate, provide & protect.
    Real Men must to provide these basic needs of Women , otherwise stop whinning and Start living.

    • wouldn't that invalidate the idea that women should have equal rights then? =\
      The relation between 'women are weaker' and 'women are strong and independent' eludes me...

  • You've fucked up the train of thought - derailed it, as it were.

    It starts like this.
    For thousands of years, women have been treated like property, like second class citizens with limited rights.
    This is wrong.
    We need to address this but cultural inertia is still a factor.
    The law can put safeguards in place to ensure that in legal terms, women are not discriminated against - they can vote, they can work, they can own property, they get equal wages for equal work, etc...

    So under the law, man is equivalent (not equal) to woman.

    In dating - that's a whole other separate thing, and you can't compare apples and oranges. It would be just as retarded for me to jump to biology and start saying men should give birth.

    So that's what you're missing.

    Now, you just go back to ignoring this information because it doesn't fit in your sheltered glass bubble of a worldview.

    • So you're saying we should accept equality on one side but privileges for women in the other?
      Wow, that's kind of hypocritical, don't you think?

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    • It was very clearly written - you just deliberately misunderstood it so you could continue your poor-mans woe-is-me speechifying for being a male in this world who isn't getting everything his own way. You're not fooling anyone, you know.

    • I am married, i am reffering to modern women's way of thinking.
      But nice try in trying to pin on me the issue. Anyway, unless you are able to answer the question i think our dealings here are finished.
      Good day!

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