How can I cope with my ex wanting his ex back after breaking up?

I think my ex after our break up wants his ex back. I don't want him back at all, as I wasn't happy, but it bothers me profoundly. I have a pain in my chest, because it's like I meant nothing and that is a really bad thing to feel. How do I cope with this, pls help?

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  • I think the pain you are feeling is more of a blow to your ego. the sense that perhaps the relationship was so bad that he'd actually go back to the girl who came before you

    How do you cope. I think a healthy thing is to just (and it sounds simple but it isn't mentally simple) just let him go. remind yourself of all the bad things about him and tell yourself if he wants to go back to her and she wants to take him back let them be miserable together.

    also consider that you are moving forward, if he wants to move backwards, then good for him. it only hurt his potential to improve his life by not moving forward to something better in life

    • She is taken for almost a year now. does that count? I mean, he posts songs on fb, are they still about her, right?

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    • well you don't even have to hook up or whatever. even just chatting with them can help reinforce your self-esteem

      that is one of the biggest hits in a break up is the sense that you aren't desirable. it can go a long way just getting that positive reinforcement. I'm like you and not really in casual hookups as a rebound but I did enjoy and it did help me to just flirt or chat with girls and realize that you are still a desirable person

    • Yes, it's true. I have been complimented and guys have shown interest, which made me bloom. :) I wasn't feeling necessarily not attractive, but mostly it was about my other qualities, that didn't involve my physique.

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  • Some people have a hard time being alone its possible he ran to his ex instead of being alone and not accepting the mistakes he made in your relationship and learning from them. You will grow stronger and learn from that relationship which will make you a stronger. He on the other hand will run and not learn from his mistakes which will hurt him in the long run so it might hurt now but how you cope is keep a positive attitude and look towards the future for all you know you will find someone even better


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  • Perhaps the Reason behind your 'Break up' was Because he was still in love with his 'Ex' Factor, and with that being said is Why he--------Wants his ex back. I feel you, you feel you have been disrespected, slapped in the face, but with this 'Slap,' Comes a Slap of reality that you may have been his Rebound for when he and her had split. I see a few signs that indicate this, and now he is wanting her back in the picture again.
    As much as it is killing you inside, as much as you feel 'I meant nothing,' move on, sweetie, and be Glad that it didn't end up, where he had started Cheating on you with Her behind your back. That would have been really something I would have had to feel heartbroken and back stabbed over.
    Good luck. xx

  • If he was bad enough to leave and not regret it, then let him make miserable whoever he wants.