Should I just end it over this?

Sometimes I feel he does things on purpose to get a reaction off me , cut a long story short seeing someone 11 months it's a long distance thing , we text but yesterday we was chatting like always and that was around 3 I sent my last text , he replied 1am sayong he left his phone at home and went to his froends BBQ which it's his business what he does but why didn't he just tell me " text you later or tomorrow?" Why feel the need to leave me hanging? Then he texts I bet you think I'm a ignorant f? It's annoyed me because I wouldn't do that I'm not rude ! Today I'm thinking about ending things , might seem petty but that's the way I'm feeling , should I just end it over this?


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  • 11months and you'd end it because of one texting mishap?


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