Why doesn't my online dating profile get any views?

I understand if women dont reply to my messages but what doesn't make sense is that i dont get any views. They can't see my profile unless they see my pic so are they not clicking to see my profile based on my pic


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  • What pulls girls in is if it's attractive. Even if you're an awesome person, they won't see that because it's basically a picture, nothing else. So what i do sometimes is I use a photograph that i took or something i drew. If they don't like it then it's their fault for skipping over an awesome person. If they do click, and message me that they want to see how i look like, then i reply that i don't want to show it to people i don't know yet, and to base it off my personality. After i start knowing them more, then i'll show them my picture. They won't regret it :)


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  • Some woman have filters for what they are looking for etc...

    Between this income bracket and this income bracket
    This race or that race
    Between this weight and that weight
    Lives in this area or a certain distance from it
    Between this age and that age
    Has kids or does not have kids etc...

    I know plenty of fish works like that.

  • If I were on an online dating site and I get a message from a guy there would be 3 criteria for me to respond.

    1 he has to looks like a nice person (you can tell most of the time if it's a good person, good looking is a plus).
    2 he would have to be someone where I can have a click with (interests ect).
    3 his message would be something that makes me want to learn more about him not one which pushes me away.

    A picture is important as it tells people how you are.

  • The reason women are skipping over you is two fold.

    1. They get more than enough messages to keep busy, so browsing is often redundant.

    2. You are fat, so while browsing you'd be quickly skipped over by almost any woman, because it's only your picture she sees.


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  • Online dating is almost entirely about your pictures. Get new pictures and try again.

    Also might be worth trying to message more women and/or less attractive women as its very competitive between men on those sites.

    • So im ugly so i should be messaging ugly girls is what you're saying? Why do people always assume i go after the pretty ones