Girls do you consider yourself to be a materialistic person? What are your thought on materialism and dating?

To me less is more and I'm generally a minimalist. I think things should just serve as tools and necessities to help live and enjoy life and the middle path is the way to go not too much not too little. The thing I hate about our society is that everyone and especially a lot of women are obsessed with money and material things. No matter how much money or things people have they are never happy they always want more and more and more sometimes even if it's at the expense of others because in the end desire leads to suffering. I really don't have much respect for materialistic women. Like it's not because I wanna be "cheap" and not pay for things like going out to eat, going places, doing things, getting gifts like some of that's alright but I never want girls to use me for that reason and like I don't know there's more to life and being happy than spending and buying things all the time, that's not the way I want to primarily show my affection for someone and I know some of you might say "well what other way are we suppose to know if you will be able to support your partner and a family" there's a difference between material excess and making a living a sharing a life together. How much I love and care about someone should not depend on how much I spend on them on a given date. Happiness is a state of mind that you find within yourself I think love transcends the material physical realm of our existence and I want a girl who will love me for who I am, what I stand for and how I choose to experience life not how much I have in my bank account and what kind of car I have and how much crap I can buy her etc ect. I really don't think I'm out of line here but I want to get a general scope of what you ladies think.

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  • I have to admit, there are things i buy that a ri-donk-liciously over price.. But i would never ask my partner to pay for it! No way! But that spending is once in a blue moon a treat. I wouldn't expect my future boyfriennd to shower me with gifts.. Because i don't. His company and him being with me is more enough of a gift. What more can you ask for? Valentine's day, anniversaries (i do the year marks and not the each month mark) take me to dinner hehe i love food, so taking me out to dinner would be great, but apart from that i dont need comfort from materialised things..

    • Wow now I realize just how materialistic my ex was like she was pretty nice and compassionate and she had a big heart for the most part but her and her family were reeeeally materialistic like they judged me in that sense and I loathed it

    • Yeah its quite blinding actually.. Do you reckon why people who are less fortunate are the most happiest? They have what they NEED and not what they WANT. Aslong as you have enough of what you need and the family and friends around you, that out powers any materialised things 😊

    • Thanks for MH lovely 😁

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  • I'm genuinely not. I do care very much about how much I have in my bank account though. It's my fund for gas and food. As I am currently providing for myself, I am very aware of the amount that is in there. But I don't splurge. I'm scraping by on applesauce, eggs, and dry cereal at the moment because I'm too cheap to buy much of anything else.

    I don't go shopping much. My mom takes me once a year for school and even then I spend like $100.

    My boyfriend is more materialistic than me. He's constantly trying to buy me nice things like jewelry and I had to sit him down and explain to him that I'd like him not to buy such things for me because, while I appreciate the gesture, I would almost never wear any of it.

    My entire wardrobe is the same is 1/4 of any of my friends' wardrobes. When I moved to school I brought all my clothes and my friends all only brought their summer clothes. They have to go home in October to bring up their fall clothes and bring their summer ones home. Their closets are packed right now and I have half the space left empty lol.

  • Well my parent never taught my siblings nor I to be a materialistic people. They made us understand that we don't have all the money in the world and if you really want something you should work for it. That's how I got my first iPod, I had a job in 8th grade ad used some of the money for the iPod and the rest in my savings account. Either way, I like the way I live comfortably with my family and that I can be an independent person.

  • I'm easy going. I love having stuff, but I pay for it and its nothing expensive anyway lol.

  • I do vue some things. The things that I have worked for, the things that loved ones have given me, etc. besides that I don't care two hoots about possessions.

  • I don't care bf's money or other people's money and materials. I really don't care.

    But i can say i'm materialistic. I love my money, i love earning money, i love dreaming about money. and i think it's not a bad thing.


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