Is it common for guys to be like this?

Lately my bf has been calling me by my name rather then hunny. Which he usually calls me that.. he also hasn't been as affectionate lately. He will still cuddle with me but doesn't want to do it as much. We just got a new puppy who is 7 weeks old. She likes to keep us up at night which we are gonna start putting her in the kennel at night so we can actually sleep. She sleeps in the middle so it is hard for me and my bf to cuddle then. I told him I wanted to do it last night and he said no cuz the dog was sleeping and if she woke up she would want to play. I'm not sure why he is acting like this. Do guys sometimes go in spurts like by being all lovey then not being lovey that much and so on?


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  • He must be bored.


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