Why do men get slated for liking bigger boobs?

does it make sense to always question others' tastes? lol..


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  • men aren't allowed to have preferences unless it's a preference which any woman can fullfill through inaction, like being fat


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  • I guess they get slated because it admit to liking big boobs? that's all I can really think of lol. I mean its just a preference but having that preference is enough to get slated I guess:P

  • Because it makes me think you care more about her body than her personality. I've learned to relax: I still don't like things, but is telling people about it going to change anything? No. Personally, I like willowy women. Big boobs make hugs hard.

    • so liking the physical is wrong? or it could be just one aspect of a person to like? or it's to protect insecure women?

    • First, I neither said nor implied that it was "wrong". However; it does send a message similar to the one of using scaled ratings for either yourself or others. Physical fades, inner beauty is for life. Insecure women need to be protected from people who believe they're protecting them.

    • er... I see little wrong with admiring the physical. I don't get why it's "immoral", provided it's balanced with other factors such as personality, character, interests, etc. All I did was respond to your comment lololol..

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