Met an older man, how do I get him?

He is 42, I am 26.

I met this older guy on a local Facebook page. We talked through comments, then he added me and we began messaging. A couple days ago, I tried to be upfront about what I wanted. I messaged him and said, "I hope I'm not to forward but I wouldn't mind getting to know you on a more personal level." He responded that it would be fun, he's busy with his daughter this weekend but we should try to get together next weekend.

Two nights ago I messaged him and said, "Facebook is a little distracting, I'm going to deactivate my profile for a while. You can text me for (the Facebook page)
Or anything really. " To which be responded, send me your number and I'll do that. He texted me yesterday and we texted back and forth for about an hour about a lot of stuff.

This morning I texted him, "good morning handsome. I hope your day is amazing." He responded, "hey there... I hope you have a good morning."

I REALLY want this man. It seems as if I'm throwng out all signals but I'm not sure if I'm getting anything back. Help!


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  • Well I mean you guys have plans to get together next weekend right? Maybe he's not a good flirt. So maybe you won't really know until you guys hang out.

    • He has been separated from his wife for about year, and in the process of a divorce. Hopefully he's just been out of the "game". But dang, everything about him drives me crazy. And thats just from knowing him online. When we do meet in person I won't know the intent. That's what kinda sucks.

    • I hear ya. At this point maybe when you guys go to hang out You can get him to be like I find you attractive or something like that. But then again it's obvious you like him so why would he set up a hang out if the feeling wasn't mutual?

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  • Older like things said straight. So somehow, you should tell him what you wish from him exactly and go with some arguments like: nothing to lose... we could give a chance to each other, bla bla. Because, he will try to back down because of his age reasons or who knows what kind of reason. Insist on things and explain to understand they is ok and how they will be fine. lol If you can handle what I said, than go for it!


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  • You really have to be fair here, he is still going through a rough patch with his divorce. Id say he was abit taken back when you got things moving pretty fast considering, you're a young female going some one much more mature. It sounds like you want to hook up asap. Hormones or your heart talking there?

    • I think it's a little bit of both. I'm so attracted to him it's ridiculous. We have been talking on Facebook for about a month, so I've looked at his Facebook page and stuff. I don't want to sound weird, but he is the type of man I've always imagined myself with. He has pictures of his home and daughters. He's already the perfect family man at the perfect stage in his life.

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    • Yeah. I absolutely know I'm ahead of myself. Lol

    • Um you're just hormonal u know, as of right now