Is it ok for a girl to ask a guy to a baseball game for a second date?

So I went on a first date a guy last week. I think we really hit it off, we met up for dinner and the conversation lasted close to 3 hours. It was not awkward at all and I absolutely loved talking to him and getting to know him and I think he felt the same, I found him super charming and somebody I would want to see again. At the end of the night he walked me to my car and I hugged him goodbye and texted him a thank you after I got home. We sent a few text messages throughout the week, but I have not really heard to much from him. Anyway I got two tickets to a baseball game, and they are really great seats, and it ends up being the last home game of the season, so I think that is pretty cool and I am excited to go. Is it ok to invite the guy from last week to join me? Meaning should I take the initiative and extend the invite, is it socially acceptable? Would it be weird? Or should I just take one of my friends?

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  • If you both like the sport, and you want a second date, what's stopping you? Go girl! Invite!


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