Is it possible Tinder will show you as having been active even if you haven't opened the app at all?

The girl I've been dating for two months says she stopped using Tinder. But last week I looked and saw she had been active that day. When I confronted her about it she said its absolutely not possible and she hasn't been using it and would tell me if she would.
I chose to believe her, and didn't see her as being active after that until today. And it updated it later on in the day again as well.

Is there any way that Tinder could be setting her profile to having been active even if she doesn't open the app or is it 100% certain that she's lying?


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  • Possibly, like if its running in the background.

    Or maybe she got on, swiped a bit for fun, but didn't message anyone.

    If this is a big deal for you, ask her (but don't demand for her) to delete the app.