Asking a Girl for help, please help me out here?

How can I get this girls attention without looking like a thirsty guy around her, She favors Black/American on the top of her list, but I'm not Black, so she's basically least interested in me, but I think she sees me as a Friend, there is 3 other guys that are Black/American that's always around her. they flirt with her, but she just seems more interested, She does say Hi now and then, but always around them, So I really can't have a conversation, How can I talk to her, how should I talk to her? I really like this girl, but yet I don't have the nerves to, So girls, if you were in my Situation, what would you do?


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  • When i used to work at the smoothie bar at a gym I had a guy like you come around time to time... (It isn't a bad thing to not be someones type and it isn't a bad thing to have nerves). There would guys at the smoothie bar just sitting there for a good amount of time - just for conversation and attention... Then there was this one guy, Jay (not my type and very timid)... I knew he was interested in me but I was seeing someone at the time and plus, he wasn't my type. He still kept his presence though... Even with two to three standing there talking at me, he would stand next to them and just smile or try and crack a joke. He was the only guy that I talk to till this day (four years later) and the only guy that I would consider dating now - if I had never moved.

    Females "types" change... Just because she has a preference in physical appearance - doesn't mean she completely writes you off. Just show up and make a presence for yourself. You won't go unnoticed. I promise you that.

    • I'll try this! thanks for the advice! I just don't know what to talk about around her.

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  • Well, if you're her friend, then you probably have more of a leg up than you think! I'd say just be a friend to her, and as soon as you get the chance, get her number (if you haven't already). When you have her number, you can text her now and then to get to know her better. That way, she will get to know you a little more without having it be awkward if she is around other guys! Just try to be her friend first and foremost and see where it leads! :)

    • I have her number, I'm already her friend, I just don't know what to talk about around her or text her.
      Thanks for the advice though!

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  • Approaching her on facebook? Talk some days, ask her number and hang out and so on. Just try your chance, because you have nothing to lose.

    • She doesn't use FB anymore, but we did hangout, we went to go eat with some friends, and rode a train together, I just don't know anymore.

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    • What should I talk about with her? I don't know how to start a conversation.

    • You will se on the spot;) Btw, asking things to know more about her life (things she likes to do and so on). When you ask about her and somewhere, trying with a slight advice, she finds that you care about her which is a good thing for the beginning. The idea about asking is that to find a common subject of discussion. So from here, you will have plenty of things to talk about. Just act nice and cool.