How do I go about talking to him? I'm SUPER attracted to him?

So there's this guy who comes in after my math course. (as i go out he comes in) and for a plot second we had that moment where we smiled at each other and i was the first to look away. So first thing. is :Since things are moving so fast how do I stop to talk to him? and Secondly:hes like super stereotypical southern frat boy. and i hate to like count him out because of that, but its a factor, and African American and I don't know if he has preferences. Should I still go for it?

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  • There is a 0% chance we or you know what this guy likes because everyone likes different things. He did look at you so there has to be at least some slight attraction, but how much I do not know. About how to talk to him... I know they have to give you a couple minutes in between classes so you could squeeze in a quick "Hi, I'm ____" and see where that leads and then be like "well I hate to run off but I have class... meet up after school?" and that should get things started :) I think you should go for it because the only way you have a 0% chance is to not try and then you'll have the dreaded "what if" with you for all your life... I know all about that and it SUCKSSSSS OMG. Haha hope I helped :)

    • I'm just super nervous that he will like freak out like "why is this potato talking to me?"

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    • Then you have time to plan, lol. Good luck :)

    • thanks. hopefully so

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  • Go for it. Fortune favors the bold!


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