Has anyone dated awkward hot guys and is it worth it?

So there's this guy in one of my classes that is undeniably hot. He has a godlike body and a super attractive face and he is super well dressed and seems like he comes from a loaded family. When he walked in on the first day of class most of the girls stopped to stare and he seemed flawless and too good to be true. Until he opened his mouth that is. He just says and does some really weird things once in a while. It's not all the time and he will crack jokes that make the whole class laugh sometimes but it's often enough to make him socially awkward.

Don't get me wrong I still think he is super gorgeous but when I talked to him one on one after class one day he got really nervous and started acting awkward again to the point where I said I had to go just because he couldn't even carry a conversation with me. It's just so weird because he is seriously so hot that you would think that he has been with so many women but after talking with him I can tell he doesn't have much experience with girls.

If he wasn't so attractive I would have just blown him off and never talked to him again but I can forgive his awkwardness just because of how hot he is. I don't mean to sound shallow but he is also a nice guy so if I can get him out of his shell he has so much potential to make a good boyfriend.

Do you think it's possible to date a guy who has very little social skills and experience with women. He is 22 and says he's only hooked up with girls but has never actually been in a relationship. Can I make it work or is it too good to be true?


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  • im sure you can make it work but be careful. once he realizes his potential his opinion/perspective/attitude may all change.

    • I'm pretty sure he already knows his potential and I wouldn't mind just hooking up with him anyway lol

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    • Make the moves. Some guys like to be chased and made to submit. This is probably one of those guys.
      When I was around age 19-25 I was considered a "hot buy awkward" guy. I had a few girls push me against the wall aggressively. That was such a major turn on.
      Some guys like a girl to make a first move and be aggressive about it. This guy sounds like he's dropping all the hints that he wants you to do this.

    • its high risk but high reward. what do you have to lose? :)

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  • You can make it work but it will take a while. You'll need a lot of time and patience though

  • Not going to lie you're shallow. Just hook up with him don't bother with a relationship.


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