I have a crush on someone so how can I get him like me and miss me back?

I have a crush on someone we've been talking on the internet i dont know if he likes me back and i really want him to miss me and like me back

No not really but some time o feel that he's intrested .. and i wanna see ofcourse but i don't know how to tell that
I know guys like girls who can flirt so i need some advise


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  • I know you want him to miss and like you back, but you can't make that happen. I'll explain a bit more...

    • ... after I snag first to comment.

      He either will or will not like you the same way you like him and, alas, there's not much we humans can do about that. However, if that's you in the profile, then you're an attractive woman. You have that going for you. Have you actually been on a date with him?

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    • And thanku for helping :)

    • You're welcome and good luck.

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