What is worst the fear of a guy, "asking a girl on a date", or the fear of the girl, "potentially saying yes to a player"?

*I realize girls ask guys on date to so I put just "person" in the poll.
*I saw a Louis CK comedic skit on dating and it made me ponder this question.

  • More fear when "asking a person out on a date".
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  • More fear when "accepting the date".
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  • About the same level of fear.
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  • Saying yes to a player is more harmful, because the outcome will be negative for her for sure. While asking a girls out and her saying no, the outcome can be positive or negative, so it shouldn't be feared so much. A girl can have a million reasons for saying no, and this may prevent some trouble for you in the future. When asking a girl on a date, a guy should think that if she doesn't accept she will lose this opportunity.
    When dating a player the outcome is always negative because he wastes you some time from your life, while if a girl says no, she doesn't waste you time.


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  • What's so hard about accepting a date? If you wanna go you say yes, if you don't then you don't. No biggie

  • Im a person who is very cautious, so if there is any chance where i will be made fun of, used or manipulated i proceed with lots of caution haha sooo i'd be very confused and worried about actually going out with someone and asking someone out


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